Going green in the new year.

So, I guess I should first say that YES, I am going to continue with the business next year. It was up in the air for a while. It is hard to change. Scary even. After all the support I received over the last few months, I am happy to say that Grunge Garden will be digging deep and growing strong this coming year.

With that, I am on a path to make some serious changes and commitments in 2016. I am working to source more sustainable product packaging. The Herbal Teas are already packaged in recycled kraft bags that are both recyclable and compostable, so I feel set with those.

The lip balms though, those have been problematic. I loved the tins that the original lip balms were in. They lasted forever and they were recyclable. However, I needed a change, got overly excited, and I ended up switching to lip tubes earlier this year. Regrettably, they are plastic. I will be selling the last of my stock and then switching over to a totally recyclable and sustainable cardboard kraft lip balm tube. Yep, they cost more, yes, they are a little boring, but it is a change that I feel I need to make in order to bring this company to a greener place.

I am going to keep the new aromatherapy inhalers. Those are also plastic, but until I figure out a replacement, those are what I will be using. They are too useful to discontinue all together. They have become a staple with everyone in my family. They will however be sporting some new labels that are made from unbleached paper and are recycled from 100% post consumer waste. I feel that is a good compromise.

At this point, the aromatherapy massage oils and other oil based products will be tested with the same recycled kraft labels mentioned above. I will need to see how they actually hold up to the oiliness of the products. Unfortunately with these labels what I gain in sustainability, I lose in water and oil durability. Hopefully it will be a trade off that is acceptable.

The aromatherapy balms will have a makeover sometime in the coming year. They will be matched to the current aromatherapy blends and will also be in recycled cardboard tubes or pots. I have not decided which. Some testing is in order there. A few of the current herbal balms (with the pretty labels) will be staying, but will be re-marketed to get a better idea and feel for thier uses.

Candles will be in the current recyclable tins and will have the new recycled labels on them as well.

Another exciting change is going to be for outgoing packages. So-long rainbow tissue paper! That was a signature of Twysted Thystle. Time to grow up and make a new statement. Grunge Garden is going to have a totally natural upscale look with all recycled/recyclable and sustainable materials. I am super excited for this particular change. Think: brown paper packages tied up with strings… these are a few of my favorite things!! Shabby chic? Vintage? Classic? Grungy? YES to all.

That is my plan for now. Why didn’t I make some of these changes sooner? Money. Seriously. It costs a lot to change these things and for whatever reason the cost of sustainable packaging products are through the roof. Better now than never.

Do you have any other ideas on how to green up this little company? If so, I am all ears!!

Unrelated, take a look at whats still growing strong in my garden this winter…

Swiss chard in my garden, still growing strong. Gotta love these PNW winters!!

In the next blog post I will share with you what I asked for Christmas and whether or not I am getting it… IT IS EXCITING and business related!

Keep Revolving (and evolving!!)


One thought on “Going green in the new year.

  1. So happy to see everything will keep going strong, I don’t know what I would do without your products! If it’s something I need and you make it, it will always come from you. If you don’t make it, I wonder if I actually need it! Keep up the good, delicious, amazing work!


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