Time for more Osha Root Honey

Every year I make a batch of Bear Medicine aka Osha Root Honey to get us through the entire year. Sometimes to sell, but always for my family to use. Ever since moving to Oregon my husband has had respiratory issues lasting the entire winters here. Osha root has been the only herb that has made any improvement for him.

I wrote a pretty big blog post about Osha Root Honey last year, so I wont bother rewriting all the info again. But here is the link (below) if you want to refresh yourself on the hows and the whys and the maybe why nots. (It is over-harvested, and it only grows wild at high altitudes, so make sure you get it from a reliable and sustainably harvested source.)


If you are interested in purchasing some for sure, let me know!! I will put some aside for you.

2 oz. Osha Root Honey in a recycled glass jar. 

Happy Holidays!
Deb G.

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