Deborah – Certified ACE Group Fitness Instructor. Hardstyle kettlebell swinger. Student of StrongFirst SFG 1. Student of NASM CPT. Coach of Mac Strength + Fitness Women’s Fitness Class. BJJ white belt. Beginner kickboxer. Mom to many. Urban Gardener. Permaculture lover. Soil builder. Worm enthusiast. Shade seeker. Authentic sourdough bread baker. Maker of organic artisan aromatherapy based skincare products. Custom tea blender. Product designer. Product formulator. Webmaster. Certified aromatherapist since 2001. Studying herbal medicine since 1996. Master of “resting bitch face”. Combat boot wearer since 1987.

AnnaLee – Chef. Baker. Master of confections. Urban Gardener. Pastel Grunge Goddess. Product designer. Product tester. Behind the scenes task master. Label designer and runner. Professional shorty. Combat boot wearer since 2009.

Serafina Garnett (@serafrancis_) • Instagram photos and videos - Mozilla Firefox 8192015 81059 PM.bmp
Serafina – Photographer. Writer. Cookie monster. Urban Gardener. Product tester and label designer. Cosplayer wannabe. Interested in steampunk, distopian future, and cyberpunk. Professional tall person. Combat boot wearer since 2013.
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