Aromatherapy for the Holidays

Our shop is quickly filling up with delicious smelling aromatherapy items, just in time for the holidays. The highlights are the new Aromatherapy Massage Oils and the Aromatherapy Inhalers. They are make perfect stocking stuffers. Having trouble sleeping? Give the Sweet Sleep products a try. We have been using this sweet marjoram, bergamot, sweet orange blend for years whenever we have need a little something extra to calm down at bedtime.

Sweet Sleep Aromatherapy Massage Oil 

Are you prone to headaches? Or know someone who is? Then our Headache Relief Aromatherapy Inhaler might be just what you are looking for for a thoughtful gift this year.

headache inhaler
Headache Relief Aromatherapy Inhaler

Having minor trouble with stomach aches? Too many cookies perhaps? Our Tummy Tamer Aromatherapy Massage Oil might just be your salvation this season.

Tummy Tamer Aromatherapy Massage Oil

Deborah G.

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