Etsy Store Reopening

This past week I closed my Shopify store. It was a pretty big decision for me. I loved that website. But I decided that in order for me to continue to move forward, I need to reorganize and re-prioritize what I am doing within Grunge Garden. Reopening the Etsy store will hopefully make things more contained and less BIG for me.

This year I started on a new journey within the fitness industry. And I freakin love it.I am taking some fitness instructor classes and training for new goals, mainly: kettlebell training. I have a new found love for strength. Literal strength. Not the general “you are such a strong person” strength. REAL physical strength. This has been the most empowering thing I have ever done for myself. And the most healthful. I have seen dramatic changes in all areas of my life. Including weightless, improved self esteem, overall strength, agility, improved mental health, etc. Did I mention that I love kettlebells yet? Because I DO!! So much so that if you follow me, you will probably be sick of hearing about them real quick… If you follow me on Instagram you probably already know all this.


Anyway, I am still making products, just on a much smaller scale and in much smaller batches. There will be more fitness/gym focused self care products. And more garden related products. There will also hopefully be some products made by my 20 year old daughter who is interested in creating some amazing body care products this coming year. I know she has some shimmering body butters in the works…

Eventually will point here, to this blog. I need to figure out where the glitch is. It is going to be one of “those” projects apparently. Eventually is will get worked out.

In the meantime, please feel free to visit the Etsy Shop. There is lots of good stuff going on in there.

Deb G.

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