Grunge Garden T-Shirts

We are finally getting some Grunge Garden T-Shirts made!! I recently reconnected with a friend that I knew back when I was a teenager. Yep, we got in tons of trouble together!! Turns out he now lives in Portland, about an hour from McMinnville. It also turns out that he is still making art. I bought a couple of custom made hand printed T-shirts from him over the holidays. They are pretty great. One is of an octopus and one is of a cuddle fish. We get asked about them all the time.

Anyway, forever, I have been wanting logo shirts made. Even back when we were Twysted Thystle. It just did not happen. We were never quite ready for it to happen. Forward to today… I have a friend who has been working with me on perfecting the new (and AMAZING) Grunge Garden logo. And I have a friend who does custom small-batch silkscreen printing… Something awesome just collided there!! Did you feel it?! The timing could not be more perfect.


The best part is that the shirts have benefits too… They benefit me by having simple visual exposure letting more people know about my little company. That is always a struggle, the shirts make it simple. They benefit my amazing artist friend by supporting him and his small custom printing business. And they benefit YOU by having a super sweet shirt to wear. Win/Win/Win!!!

So, go check them out and order yourself a couple!!  And tell your friends!! 

Thank you for your support!!!
Deb G.

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