Blood Orange + Cocoa Cream

I have been working on some new spring items lately. Yesterday I made a batch of what I thought was going to be a body butter. Turns out I made it way softer than I had anticipated, which actually turned out to be pretty damn delightful. We talked about what to call it late last night because clearly, it was not a solid or firm body butter. After some terrible suggestions by my family… I felt a bit discouraged. Sorry guys, but liquid margarine, warmed fat, and body sorghum are not going to work as a descriptive words in place of “butter”. lol!! I woke up this morning it was clear that what I had made was a CREAM. Delightful creamy cream. More specifically Blood Orange + Cocoa Cream.

The beginnings of the Blood Orange + Cocoa Cream

So, why did this turn out so unexpectedly soft? I heavy-handedly used my favorite organic + fair trade Nilotica shea butter in place of our regular organic shea butter. It is naturally super soft, seriously dreamy. I did not account for how soft it was going to be in my recipe. It is also made with organic jojoba, raw unrefined cocoa butter, organic blood orange essential oil, and pure cocoa CO2 absolute. Yep, that’s right, chocolate and oranges… we are swooning over here.

Our Blood Orange + Cocoa Cream is super silky and rich and easily spreadable, so a little goes a LONG way. Be warned though…it is slightly addictive… I cant stop using it.

Time to get growing. Get dirty. Get grungy!!
It’s almost spring out there!!
Deb G.

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