Bread, Eco Packaging, Rosemary.

I have been on a sourdough bread making kick since New Years Day. Part of my list of goals this year is too go back to hand making as much of our food as I have time for. In the past I have hand made nearly 100% of our food at certain times of our lives. It can be tiring and overwhelming. But it can also be rewarding. I need to find some balance there. I love baking bread. And sourdough is a passion for me. So there I am, baking bread again. I realize that I am the only person in the entire universe making glutenous bread right now, but my go to life statement is to always do the opposite of what everyone else is doing. (sometimes that actually works out!! lol).

Homemade Rye + Caraway Sourdough Bread

I finally started filling all those adorable eco-friendly cardboard lip balm tubes. I hesitated for a few weeks because they are a one trick pony. If I mess them up, there is no fixing them. I made some major changes to the formula too, so I was super cautious. I went back to using beeswax with these. I still have some beautiful beeswax that I brought to Oregon with me from Colorado. And, a sweet friend from Oregon gifted me with some gorgeous beeswax over the holidays. So, beeswax, I am using it. And I switched from olive oil to jojoba for my base oil. The outcome is my best lip balm ever.

Rosemary + Orange Lip Balm in Earth-friendly Eco Packaging

I went with a Rosemary + Orange blend on a friends suggestion, and I love it. It is bright, vibrant, and juicy! Rosemary grows so ridiculously well here. I really need to use it more. Two things that I always think about when referring to rosemary: Rosemary grows best by the Sea + Rosemary is for remembrance. Both are true. Rosemary grows almost out of control in Oregon (which where we are, is near the ocean, within an hour). And the scent of rosemary is one of the very best herbs for remembering. It should be your study buddy for sure! It should be the first thing students reach for when studying. And it should be in the lives of the elderly, especially if they are suffering from Alzheimer disease. Here is a study to help show that is does in fact help… Effect of aromatherapy on patients with Alzheimer’s disease. And both Rosemary and orange were used in the study… So remember: Rosemary for Remembrance.

Is rosemary for everyone? No. If you have epilepsy, rosemary can trigger seizures, so don’t use it.  Also, it is not recommended for use if you are pregnant.

Rosemary + Orange Lip Balm is available on the Grunge Garden website HERE and in our Grunge Garden ETSY shop HERE.

Remember, (don’t) go with the flow…
Deb G.

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