New Years Revolutions

Yes. Revolutions.

2: a sudden, extreme, or complete change in the way people live, work, etc.

I have a few of my own personal revolutions this year. One is that I am going to make myself presentable everyday. That is a huge one for me. I am a homeschooling mom of 6 kids (4 still schooling) and I own a home business. I can spend days, yes DAYS, in my pj’s. And I do just that. Or, I should say that I did just that. Yoga pants, t-shirts, and big dumpy sweatshirt and sweaters are (were) my life. I am afraid one of my older kids will call that makeover show that secretly follows people around for a week before they bust them and show them how to dress. I AM SERIOUSLY AFRAID. Time to change that. After seeing our Christmas photos that were taken this year, I NEED to make this change. It was terrifying to see. Nothing like a severe dose of reality to inspire some much needed change!!

Revolutions in my business Grunge Garden are as previously planned. I have already started putting those ideas into motion. 100% post consumer recycled labels are going on ALL of the products. And all of our recycled packing materials are here and ready for all new orders. The recycled compostable/recyclable cardboard lip balm tubes are on thier way here and I should have some available later this week. I also got some little recycled cardboard jars to explore the possibility of use for some new aromatherapy balms.

The other big revolution this year, for me, is to preserve EVERYTHING we do not immediately intend to use out of our amazing urban garden this year. Canning, fermenting, dehydrating, and freezing. I failed miserably last year, and the year before on this. Actually since leaving Tennessee, I have been lacking in this area. I think it was pure rebellion. Or maybe just pure relief. I did not have to preserve anymore, after needing to do it so desperately when we were there, in TN —> just to survive. The break was nice, but back to it this year. Its amazing how perspective changes everything.

I have an awesome hand-built food dehydrator that needs a new heating element, so that is on the top of my list for needs this year. Up until now we have used a small space heater rigged up when we have used it. Not too safe. The dehydrator was built by a woodworking neighbor in TN. He had expressed some interest in preserving food, so I lent him a book on dehydrating. When he returned the book a few days later he had built the dehydrator from the plans in the back of the book just out of pure curiosity. And gave it to us. Gave it. Seriously awesome. The book was Dry It, You’ll Like It. He built a Living Foods Dehydrator, The Master, on a whim, pretty damn awesome.

Keep on revolving!!
Deb G.



One thought on “New Years Revolutions

  1. Awesome! You go!! I made goals this year instead of resolutions because I have previously made near-unattainable or just super vague (exercise more, eat better, save money, etc.) resolutions that I just ended up forgetting about. This year my GOALS to accomplish by the end of this year are:

    1. Travel! I plan to take an awesome trip this year. I’ve wanted to do so for a long time and for whatever reason just kept putting it off or pushing it aside. This year I’m going to make it happen!

    2. My second goal is to be making SOME amount of money from my blog by the end of the year. It doesn’t have to be a lot, but since blogging is what I really want to do, I want to get things moving! I’ve got a lot of awesome plans for my blog including a big huge revamp, and posting lots of pics from goal #1.

    I’m so excited and I feel like this year is full of so many possibilities and adventures. Here’s to 2016! *Cheers*


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