Dreaming of Seeds

Nothing is more exciting than opening up the mailbox and seeing seed catalogs at this time of the year. Looking over all the gorgeous photos of flowers and vegetables while sipping on a hot creamy cup of chai with a crackling fire going is one of my favorite things to do. Imagining how they will look in my garden, Imagining where I will plant each one, imaging how they will grow, imagining how each one will taste… I love it. I cant get enough.

This year I am going back to ordering from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds for my veggies and some of my flowers. The past few years I have tried a couple of other companies with varying degrees of success, but I think it is time to go back this year. They have several tomato varieties that I am super excited to try this year.

For herbs I always order the majority of seeds from Horizon Herbs and have since my almost 20 year old was a baby. I have left behind countless bounties of medicinal and culinary herbs at all of the yards we have lived at since then. And we have moved a lot! (loads of comfrey have been planted across the country over the years.)

I also saved quite a bit of seeds last year. Mostly wildflower seeds and culinary herbs like fennel and dill. Oh, and I let a good portion of my salad greens go to seed last season and I collected those seeds as well. We’ll see how those do this year.

Anyway, that’s what I am doing these days. Dreaming of seeds.

Where are you planning on order your seeds from this year?

A little sneak peak of this years batch of Osha Root Honey. I found these kickass mason jar shooters to pour it in. I am in love! 

~Deb G.

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